A few dollars per month is a small price to pay to ensure our community has a quality nursing home and hospital that are sized to meet our current and future healthcare needs. Issue 4A is a fair and reasonable request.

The Solution

Grand River Hospital District is placing a bond measure on the November 2017 ballot. Proceeds of the bond would be used to:

  • Build a new care center on the existing site in Rifle that has double the capacity as well as a memory care area and a transitional care unit for long-term patients.
  • Address critical improvements to the hospital, including additional intensive care unit (ICU) beds, more inpatient rooms, and additional space to provide chemotherapy, cardio rehab, cancer support, lab work and diagnostic imaging. 

The Bottom Line

  • The estimated tax impact of the proposed $89.4 million bond measure is $2.83 per month per $100,000 of a home’s actual value. 
  • The tax impact would be even lower for seniors who qualify and apply for the Senior Property Tax Exemption.
  • The oil and gas industry would pay approximately 85% of the tax. Homeowners would pay about 5 to 7% of the tax. 
  • Your YES vote protects 86 jobs at the care center.
  • Your YES vote also creates 200 new local jobs. 
  • The longer we wait, the more it will cost. With construction and borrowing costs rising, now is the right time to get this done. 

Get Involved and Donate

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